Research Projects

I have participated in the following funded research projects:

  1. Automated Software Quality Assurance Techniques for Taming Application Issues Induced by the Evolution of Mobile Computing Platforms (NSFC 61802164, PI)

  2. Enabling Developers and Manufacturers to Tame Android Compatibility Issues (GRF16202917, Co-investigator)

  3. Diagnosing Energy Inefficiencies in Mobile Apps based on Observable Sensory Data Utilization (GRF611813)

  4. Fault Detection of Event-Driven Mobile Applications Using Static Analysis (GRF611912)

  5. Effective Model Checking for Context-aware Adaptive Applications (KFKT2012A08)

  6. Effective Regression Fault Detection for the Reuse of Spreadsheets (GRF611811)

  7. Detecting Adaptation Faults in Context-aware Pervasive Applications (GRF612210)

These projects investigate the following topics:

(1) Trustworthy AI systems

(2) Web application security

(3) Mobile software quality assurance

(4) Dependability improvement for adaptive systems

(5) Fundamental testing and analysis methods

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